‘Learn to Curl’  Program

The program is primarily intended for adults who have either never played or a few times, but are willing to learn and most important:
Desire to have fun.

The program has a duration of eight weeks divided in one weekly session of two hours on Sundays morning from 9:00 to 11:00 am. 

The Club will supply the basic equipment required. However we ask you to have these elements to make your sessions enjoyable:
–  A pair of running shoes with a clean sole (no rocks or debris);
–  Warm and comfortable clothes;
–  Gloves and a tuque. 

During the program, the instructor will cover all aspects of the game:
 –  Sliding technique;
 –  Trajectory and rotations;
 –  Brushing;
 –  Strategy;
 –  Ethics.

We hope you will continue curling on Monday and/or Friday evenings and/or the day leagues. The match committee will find you a team. You may also be invited to play in the club competition league.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact

Andrew Giroux: (514) 882-7338
Email: andrewpgiroux@gmail.com